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    Software Performance Testing
    Services at Agilie

    Some flaws in a software product can be discovered only during the extreme loads and stressful use cases. Users rarely encounter them, as well as testers during regular QA routines, but knowing such vulnerabilities can really help you improve your product and save yourself from unexpected failures throughout the product’s lifetime. That’s why you need software performance testing services.

    Agilie’s QA team provides performance and load testing services using a set of automated tools and acquired practices to benchmark your products’ performance and expose the weaknesses and errors that may occur during the extreme system loads.

    Why you need performance testing

    Performance testing determines the responsiveness, throughput, reliability, and
    scalability of a system under the extreme workloads.

    Performance testing services are commonly aimed at accomplishing the following:

    • Assert the product’s readiness for high system loads
    • Provide extra knowledge about the app’s performance in different environments
    • Watch how the app performs on different hardware and software configurations
    • Figure out and eradicate the sources of performance problems
    • Make sure the application’s requirements meet the hardware configuration

    Also, web services performance testing helps you understand how the backend of your app is ready for high numbers of users, so you’ll be able to avoid server-related problems during the product release or with the user base growth.

    Performance testing services for app publishers
    and app development companies

    We at Agilie use our experience of working on big development projects for providing dedicated, narrow-targeted services, such as load testing services and performance testing services.

    Whether you are an app publisher or a developer who needs additional powers for testing products and look for performance testing companies to explore how your website or mobile app works under extreme conditions, or you need a full-stack QA activities, take a look at the services we offer and contact us to learn all the details.

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