The First Public Meetup Hosted by Agilie Team

    In Agilie we believe that the best results can be achieved through the communication, experience exchange and discussions of the most important technical issues. 

    About a month ago we've shared an article about our internal company events at Agilie Team.  Also we regularly publish information on our site about various IT-events happening around.

    So, recently we've come up with the idea of organising the event at our office for everyone who might be interested in these smart topics and making it open for IT professionals from other companies.

    For the first public meetup by Agilie Team our invitees and team members prepared a few relevant lectures. These presentations cover working processes from creating an idea to the product implementation:
    - Angelina Seleznyova, from Agilie Team: "New designer's tool for promotion: Shot Bucket";
    - Vladimir Zgonik, from Agilie Team: "Lack of Apple watchOS iOS App for Dribbble";
    - Ivan Ivanov, from Owox: "The evolution of internal processes in a big company";
    - Alex Demidov, from PixelWare: "The past of modern design".

    The first two reports gave the auditory laconic and clear knowledge of Dribbble community and the answers to the common questions about it. Angelina introduced a new Dribbble apps Shot Bucket for iOS and Android – its main idea, design and possibilities, Angelina also described the whole process of creating the design and steps to provide users with the best experience. 

    Due to Vladimir's presentation we got to know about common problems of using Dribbble APIs and difficulties we’ve met within the development of Apple Watches app instance. We also heard some practical advice on how to solve them.

    On Wednesday we were discussing not only Dribbble. Ivan Ivanov's presentation gave us a fresh look on internal processes transformation in a growing company. The main idea was to use an individual approach and combination of methods dealing with various kinds of tasks.

    And the last report was presented by Alex Demidov about the past of modern design. This was a great introduction to the trends and designers who participated really enjoyed these history facts. Awesome! 

    Thanks to the variety of topics our first meetup was useful, interesting and fun because of delicious pizza at the end!

    So we’d like to wish everybody more such events in future. Keep in touch with Agilie Team by following us on social networks, check out our website and we would be glad to see you soon on the upcoming events at Agilie!

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