Creative Ways to Learn New Technologies

    Our company holds internal conferences for a long time. The main idea of ​​the meetings is to transfer knowledge between colleagues, discuss new technologies, as well as encouraging guys implement this information practicly and improve the ability to communicate to the audience. The format of the meetings is pretty simple, during the hour or two there are 3-4 reports from our colleagues on various subjects.
    For example, we've discussed new technologies and modern libraries in iOS mobile applications development, Android updates and new ways to develop Android applications, modern frameworks to create mobile-friendly websites, management systems to control software development processes.

    Due to a variety of subject themes our team has a unique opportunity to keep abreast of innovations and share experiences with colleagues.

    In addition, we try to publish all these reports on our website to provide an ability for our readers to be aware of these topics and able to learn certain information.  By the way we're planning to make our internal conferences as public in the near time . So stay on touch by website updates and social networks news.


    Below there are examples of recent reports:

    Also check our profiles to follow us here:

    Regards, Agilie team.

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