Agilie's Weekend Digest #2

    It is time to review the recent news and see what has been happening around in Agilie recently.

    1. We are proud to inform you that our first Meetup by Agilie took place. The most important topics of mobile app development and design were prepared for it. There was positive feedback both from the audience and presenters – everyone took part in discussing every topic and the pizza with drinks after the official part were delicious :) 

    2. Agilie Team goes social and soon we will visit the Apps Conference that will be held in Odessa. IT-specialists will meet there to exchange fresh ideas, knowledge and experience. Dribbble Meetup will be the part of this event too. We are preparing thoroughly for this event, so you should also come and meet us there.

     3. And this is not but just a few of what Agilie has done recently, as we are a team of creative professionals who make modern mobile-friendly websites, convenient mobile apps and many more.

    We often share our works with the Dribbble and Behance communities, so please have a look and leave us your comments and feedback there.

    Have a great week,

    Yours, Agilie Team!

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