Agilie's Weekend Digest #3

    Hello over there and here we go with our Agilie weekend digest.

    1. There are so many ways to improve your website and to make it more efficient for your online business, but what will really help and what is not worth implementing. We know everything about ecommerce development and depict the key points in our article 9 Features Every E-commmerce Website Should Care About

    2. Lately we've been working on our Dribbble client Shot Bucket. During its development we use a popular resource for developers GitHub. In order to make a contribution to the community of mobile apps developers we share some good stuff on this repository - Powerful Open-source Code Repositories by Agilie Team.

    3. Mobile apps or website development process includes a great amount of design, and there are many tools for designers cooperation when working on the same project. Our web designers tried using several different, and now they are ready to tell you about their pros and cons: Features of Design Collaboration Software: Marqueed, Invision, Notable".

    Stay tuned with us and be informed about the latest IT-industry news and updates.

    Sincerely, Agilie Team.

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