Agilie's Weekend Digest #1

    1. Amazing FREE template to build Restaurant app Right Now

    We proud to share own design template for restaurant app. The main features include:
    - Loading preview;  - Main menu navigation and buttons;  - Wine module displays information about drinks; - Movies module provides information about additional services; - News sections;  - Booking screen with contact details; - Feedback form; - Address and How to find the restaurant; - Menu contains information about dishes and drinks.


    2. New big updates on Behance.

    There are a few new stories we've published on Behance.

    Hey, guys. Our new project on Behance EasyWay

    — Agilie (@agile_ninjas) 12 Март 2015

    Check out profiles to follow us here:

    3. Beginners Guide: Modern Apple WebKit framework

    This article contains the explanation of the newest features of Apple WebKit update on iOS 8.
    We've highlighted the features and compare it with the old implementation.

    Have a great week,
    Yours Agilie team!

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