Agilie Visits iForum and PM Conference

    Last week we have visited two interesting events: iForum 2015 (tech conference) and PM Conference. Let's have a closer look at each of them.

    This time IForum traditionally gathered IT-specialists who are interested in the Internet development problems and it touched upon wide range of questions connected. There were more than 6000 participants, 50 stands of the largest Ukrainian and global companies and start-ups. We had a great chance to chose from 98 reports to listen to, as they were divided into four basic and one additional stream that included all smaller events. The following topics were reviewed: e-commerce development in banking and state systems, marketing in social networks, the implementation of “Smart City” programs, what projects capital funds are invested in and many others.

    According to the format of the event everyone could freely chose which reports to listen to. In our opinion, one of the topics of a great interest was changing the site searching system in Google. Since April, 21 the new indicator has appeared in Google search - “mobile-friendly”, so mobile friendly (adaptivewebsite is given a preference to go the top of a search list. Common drawbacks of a site without an adaptive design are: small font size, unadapted display area, action targets situated too close, content width does not fit the display area, using the flash technology. Thereby, business owners should pay attention to their sites and check them with the adaptability test. In case the test result will be disappointing, connect us and we will help to adapt your site to the search engine requirements.

    The second conference we have got to was PM Conference, which was aimed project managers to meet and exchange their experience and professional ideas, as well as to focus on various approaches and instruments for the efficient team and project management. Speakers shared their own techniques of creating great teams for project implementation — employee incentive programs, goal setting and control should be aimed on personal development and interest of each team member.

    One of the most interesting reports was presented by agile coach and process architect Svetlana Muhina. Her speech on the subject “Couching and self-couching in practice: working examples and techniques” covered such questions as what coaching is and what it is not, why and when coaching may be useful for a company, project and staff; also several couching techniques were described with case studies and practical effects. Svetlana spoke about the logic of team member’s actions from the “Now” situation and achieving a great result that is essential for every project. She shared her own experience gained over a number of process transformations and couching sessions and told what helped her to work as a couch and consultant efficiently.

    Information is power and those who have access to it control the situation, so stay tuned and be the first to learn about the trends with us.

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