CRM software
for venture capitals

Any successful investment or venture fund knows how important it is to keep in touch with partners, track new startups, and monitor the achievements of the old ones. To accomplish this goal, you should have a reliable network with proven efficiency. It means you need the high-quality investor CRM software for venture capitals.

If you don’t have one, we’re happy to help! We can build a CRM for investors from scratch or customize the ready system to your needs.

CRM software for venture capitals
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CRM from Scratch

CRM from scratch is the best choice if you want to get the most effective investor management software for processing large amounts of data on rounds, investments, startups’ achievements, and so on. This venture capital CRM tool should be able to quickly collect and provide all the necessary information including reports, and forecasts.

You can search for a ready system, of course, but universal solutions rarely correspond to individual requests. That's why we offer to create for you a unique CRM platform for investors.

Investor software CRM features:

  • user-friendly interface

    user-friendly interface

  • convenient client database

    convenient client database

  • intuitive system of reports

    intuitive system of reports

  • manageable event calendar

    manageable event calendar

  • customizable notifications

    customizable notifications

  • integration with other tools

    integration with other tools

CRM Customization

If you don't have a budget to build a completely new system, we advise that you select the best CRM software for business and then customize it with our help.
You are unlikely to avoid the customization stage because it's next to impossible to find the perfect ready-made solution meeting specific needs. Moreover, most of such tools are difficult to correctly evaluate due to missing data or improper visualization. Therefore, we'd be glad to customize the frontend part of your venture capital CRM for investment management services.

Investor software CRM features:

modification of data visualization
modification of data visualization
user-friendly redesign
user-friendly redesign
dashboards customization
dashboards customization
additional integrations
additional integrations

Why Agilie?

Why should you choose us to create investor relationship management software?

Our advantages:

  • successful experience in web and mobile development

    successful experience in web and mobile development

  • adaptation to a specific budget

    adaptation to a specific budget

  • timeliness


  • professional expertise

    professional expertise

  • uniqueness


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