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    Why is Pizza Delivery Software a Good Investment Idea?

    According to the latest reports, the food delivery market has grown by more than 60% in 2020. We have been observing the surge since the beginning of the pandemic: today people prefer to stay home using mobile applications to get everything they need. That’s why an online ordering system is required for some businesses, especially if it is a pizzeria.

    Don’t you have your own company? Well, you can launch pizza delivery POS and cooperate with restaurants and cafes. This article is going to help you make the right conclusions.

    What is Pizza Ordering Software?

    The current situation in the market shows that clients mainly make orders with the help of mobile applications or websites. And the winner in the race is a company, which can provide the best service and the most convenient interface of the pizza online ordering system.

    There are two business models:

    • Creating a website or/and mobile app for your own pizzeria. It is a compulsory thing to stay competitive and increase market share.

    • Launching a platform where local eating facilities will be united. You don’t have to own a café: users will make orders in different restaurants through your web resource. Your job is to provide a place for interaction between pizzeria owners and their customers and make sure this place is user-friendly and easy to use. Such an online pizza ordering system is going to be a good startup without significant investment. After a while, the mobile app might bring you passive earnings. On average, the commission from each order is up to 30%.

    Main Benefits of Pizza Delivery Systems

    The system will allow you to improve the key indicators of your business. Benefits are as follows:

    • Enhancing competitiveness through ordering convenience. In most cases, users need some time to make a decision. So, offer them a mobile app with the full menu. Also, let them add or remove some ingredients at their own discretion.  

    • Order processing reduction. The availability of a pizza ordering system saves your money and the time of your employees. Your company gets the opportunity to process all orders even during the jumps on Fridays and weekends, so you don’t have to expand the call center. The value of online orders is 18% higher than those placed by phone.

    • Increase in the average check. The delicious pictures of your dishes and recommendations stimulate sales: people are ready to order more.

    85% of pizza restaurants are selling online right now. If you don’t have a pizza delivery POS, you lose profits.

    Advantages of a pizza platform when you don’t have a pizzeria:

    • Minimum investment. The hardest part of the startup is just to create a well-working application and then support it. You don’t need to hire employees, rent premises, and manage all business processes.   

    • The work without boundaries. Expand your business to other cities and countries. Hire employees to delegate some work.

    The mobile app is going to help in the marketing activities of your company because it allows sending promo messages and communicating with your target audience.

    Key Features of Online Pizza Ordering Software   

    The following things are compulsory in your pizzeria app:

    • Functionality to “customize” pizza. Let clients choose what to add and remove from the dish. Some restaurants allow users to pick the filling for each half of the pie.

    • Recommending add-ons. Thanks to the app, you are able to influence the value of your customers’ online orders by recommending them pizza toppings and other dishes.

    • Advertisements. Do you have a new pizza or do you need to sell certain ones? Use your pizza online ordering system to influence consumer choices.

    • Online chat. There should be an online chat for users who intend to tell you about the app’s errors or place an order with the help of a consultant.

    • Pizza delivery software. All clients need to do is to indicate their location on the map in the application having previously activated GPS.

    • Loyalty program. 45% of clients are more likely to choose a restaurant if they belong to its loyalty program.

    Best Pizza Ordering Systems

    There are a lot of solutions but none of them is perfect. Below we have considered popular and convenient ones.

    1. SpeedLine is the best all-inclusive POS for high-volume traditional pizzerias. It has various tools including targeted marketing campaigns. The main con is its price.

    2. Lavu is an option on a budget. The integrated MenuDrive platform supports online and offline ordering and promotions. The disadvantage is offline functionality and terms of the contract (it is hard to cancel the hardware leases).

    3. Revel Systems has huge functionality and 24/7 customer support. We can declare that it might be the best choice. However, you should know about a required three-year contract.

    What Eating Facilities Should Go Online?

    Online ordering software has helped companies significantly increase their sales (in some cases by more than 80%). It doesn’t matter what kind of eating facility you have: a cafe online ordering system is required because it speeds up the service. Speed is a crucial thing in the bakery and coffee business as well.

    The market has admin panels like mentioned above. You need to integrate the chosen one with your mobile app or website. Alternatively, you can decide to create your own fine-tuning solutions. Agilie, besides pizza delivery software, also offers online ordering systems for bakeries, online coffee ordering systems, and others.

    Nowadays each eating facility must have a mobile app and website where clients could place orders quickly and easily. The statistics and surveys show that approximately 50% of clients are used to ordering online and this trend is going to continue.

    You’ll find more about the ordering software in the article “Online Food Ordering Systems: How To Create A Restaurant Online Ordering Website”.

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