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    Top 5 IoT Trends in 2022

    Cell carriers are retreating from standard mobile services, realizing the IoT would constitute a decent part of their revenue in the near future. Let’s look at the present IoT trends to understand what to expect after a while.

    According to some statistics, 83 billion connected devices are going to be used by 2024. Approximately 70% of this amount will occur in the industrial sector, including manufacturing, retail, and agriculture. The projected growth is going to be more than 180% over the next four years. Changes in the IoT field have already affected businesses and the population as a whole.

    No. 1: Many Varieties of Connectivity

    Nowadays companies have to decide which technology to use because of the wide list of alternatives. Today there is fiber connectivity, LoRaWan, GSM, LTE, NB-LTE, and so on. The 5G standard is mainly designed to be used in the Internet of Things solutions that require high speed and low latency. 

    Some leading companies such as Samsung, Ericsson, and Nokia are working on the development of 6G, which is going to appear in 2030. Thus, choosing a technology may be a kind of challenge.

    No. 2: Personal Recommendations, Tariffs, and Products

    Local businesses are just exploring new options to offer their product to the right people at the right moment. Consumer location and Big Data are eager to help them, but not as much as needed. 

    The reason lies in the lack of information. Deeper integration of the Internet of Things applications allows gathering more data about customers, their needs and then analyzing it. Thanks to it, we are going to have individual offers from companies in the near future.

    No. 3: Big Data, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning

    IoT generates so much data, and it is really a big problem to analyze it with present tools. Therefore, there is a need for literate data analysis specialists and also Artificial Intelligence, which allows tackling a huge amount of data without involving human resources. The main task of data analysis experts is to collect the results represented by the main computer and make a conclusion. 

    Experts are trying to perfect the capabilities and skills of the computer in order to make all processes automatic and eliminate mistakes based on the human factor. The development of an Artificial IoT (the combination of advanced technologies) is a crucial deal in optimizing manufacturing procedures and resources, detecting threats, high performance, rational consumption, trash, and pollution reduction. This is only a part of IoT benefits.

    No. 4: Saving Resources, Energy and, as a Result, Money

    The first mission of the Internet of Things solutions is to relieve our life by making it safer and comfier. The second mission has to do with the economy. Employees don’t worry about electricity, water, and other bills, so saving resources is the concern of the owner.

    Modern solutions allow you to automatically turn off various devices (heating in the office when no one is present or an open window). Furthermore, some solutions can replace certain staff. It is enough to install an IoT system once to experience all IoT benefits for your business forever.

    No. 5: Ensuring Safety of Employees 

    The IoT makes work processes safer thanks to automatic systems, which react to certain irritants such as fire, smoke, and so on. Turning on the alarm by a computer can save numerous lives. 

    In 2022 the Internet of Things applications, technologies, and solutions demand is driven by healthcare, remote property monitoring, remote control of dangerous machines, and smart offices to guarantee security.

    No. 6: Investment in IoT App Testing

    IoT trends show that pretty soon we will need more powerful computers and servers to maintain all systems working and make them reliable. In addition, it is important to invest in IoT app testing because the Internet of Things solutions are a combination of software and hardware. Hardware without software is just a bunch of metal. 

    The quality of the software determines how rapidly the IoT system responds to a stimulus and what it does. A half-baked IoT solution is not able to cover your needs. We at Agilie understand it, so we create high-quality and user-friendly programs, which meet all your requirements. We are experts in developing Web and Mobile Internet of Things applications.

    No. 7: Enhancing the security of IoT solutions

    There are many IoT benefits for businesses but also are threats of cyberattacks. As a result, many companies are afraid of the risk of losing confidential data. They prefer to refuse to install IoT equipment. So, one of the IoT trends in 2022 is to increase security.

    It is obvious that the Internet of Things will reach more business and industry settings, leading the globe towards total digitalization. Big changes are waiting for us in the near future, and we at Agilie are proud to take part in these shifts.

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