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    The Library for Efficient Work with the Test Field

    Agilie team has recently developed a new useful library called RotatableAutofitEditText. And now we're happy to share it with you. We hope, our RotatableAutofitEditText library will come in handy in your daily application development process.

    What is RotatableAutofitEditText?

    RotatableAutofitEditText is a lightweight open-source and fast networking library that allows you to work with a text field much more productively and perform tasks with a minimum number of code lines. Feel free to integrate RotatableAutofitEditText library into your project and take full advantage of it!

    Due to RotatableAutofitEditText, a user can effectively manipulate a text field that easily responds to his touch: rotate, resize or move it around the screen and perform other similar operations.

    In addition, although there is only one font specified by default, you can add extra fonts when developing the application, so that a user will have more options to choose.

    RotatableAutofitEditText will make your development process much easier and more effective, saving your time and energy.

    How to use?

    This library is completely applicable to all cases when a user needs to work with a text field. RotatableAutofitEditText offers you an interesting format of text field instead of a boring one. Undoubtedly, an app supplemented with such unusual text field design will attract more users’ attention so the app won't pass unnoticed.

    We are sure that text fields created by means of RotatableAutofitEditText library can be useful for many applications, especially - entertainment ones, for example, game apps.

    Code example

    <com.agilie.RotatableAutofitEditText xmlns:android=""
       autofit:rotatable="true" />
    autofit:maxTextSize - sets maximum text size
    autofit:minTextSize - sets minimum text size
    autofit:minWidth - sets minimum EditText width
    autofit:movable - true if EditText must move in parent view
    autofit:resizable - true if EditText can be resized with pinch
    autofit:rotatable - true if EditText can be rotated
    autofit:clipBounds - true if EditText must not move out of parent view bounds


    Android 3.0+ (API level 11+)

    Also, you can visit this page for more details.

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