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Taxi Management System

At least once in a life each of us has been in a situation when you need to call a taxi in a noisy place, but the high level of noise doesn't allow calling a dispatcher to book a taxi. Or this situation happens: you're caught in the rain, you wish to press one button and find yourself in the back seat of a taxi. There are a lot of such cases. On the other hand, every taxi service owner is also interested in automating the process of receiving orders and increasing work efficiency.

All these situations are dealt with by one solution - the development of mobile applications for taxi services, or simply taxi applications.

Agilie, mobile applications development company represents Shark Taxi, standalone applications

Benefits from the development & implementation of a taxi management system are obvious:

• Taxi booking in a few clicks that excludes communication with the operator.

• Using GPS to determine customer's location automatically; this saves time for the driver and client.

• Automatic calculation of mileage and cost of the trip.

• Data about the car and driver is provided to a client at once, and he can track a route of a car, as well as view information about a driver.

Without a doubt, taxi service app is a useful tool for city residents, disregarding their status, lifestyle or age.

Estimate the advantages of using a mobile app for calling a taxi service!

Have a nice day!

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