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    Swift 3.0 Has Been Released

    On September 13, Apple has officially released Swift 3.0, the first major release of Swift since it went open-source.
    Swift 3.0 is a source-breaking release, mostly due to the changes in SE-0005 and SE-0006. These changes not only impact names of the Standard Library APIs but also completely change the way Objective-C APIs (particularly from Cocoa) import into Swift. Many of the changes are mostly mechanical, but they can be numerous in a typical Swift project.

    Syntax support for "func foo(x: Int)(y: Int)", operators "++" and "--" has been removed.

    It means that unfortunately, Swift 3.0 isn't compatible with Swift 2.2/2.3.
    To help with moving to Swift 3.0, Xcode 8.0 contains a code migrator that can automatically handle many of needed source changes.

    See the full list of Swift 3.0 changes here.

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