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    Our New Lightweight Open-source Library

    We’ve already described our lightweight open-source and fast networking library named AGMobileGiftInterface. In a few words, it provides an easier way to interact with the GIF images and can be used if one wants to show animated moving pics when a pre-specified action performed. For more details, read our article.

    But it was just the beginning because we decided to improve our library. That’s why we have recently supplemented it with the new interesting animation.

    What does this new animation do?

    In its updated version, our library captures any interface (screen or view) and throws its UI elements over under the influence of gravity, so that one can move them from side to side obliquely.

    By default, the animation lasts for about 3-4 seconds, but you can adjust its duration at your discretion.

    After the animation has been completed, all the UI elements return to their original location.

    How to use it?

    This library would come in handy for creating cool animated apps of all kinds. You can easily use it during the development process as an event activated after a specific user action.

    This library is ideally suited for applications where such a striking effect would be appropriate and even necessary - for example, for any game or other entertainment apps. Feel free to use it if you want to direct the user's' attention to your app. Undoubtedly, our library will serve you in this matter and help increase mobile app engagement.

    So integrate it into your project and enjoy the result!

    StartGravity. Code example

    After we choose a way to initiate animation, just provide view and duration as parameters call the method startGravityView(view: duration: collisionMode:)

    @IBAction func startButtonDidTouch(_ sender: Any) {
    self.self.agGravityService.startGravityView(view: self.view, duration: 10, collisionMode: .everything)

    The full version of the project read here.

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