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News App Development

Smartphones are regularly used everywhere & anytime: in cars, on the way to the office, during the rest on holidays or weekends. That’s very convenient way for users to access important or just fun information with the help of news mobile app.

Wide spread of cheap & fast Internet connection stimulates an increase of online publications audience. Number of Internet users increases by growing up the quantity of smartphones and tablets users. Advertisers have noted this trend already. It means the rapid news app development & web portal development.

Our article contains several important points that you need to keep in mind while working on news app development:


A user should be able to access all the features and tools for obtaining the required information and making the desired actions.

1. Prioritise features of an app and decide about the key items. Most of mobile devices have a limited screen size, so there isn’t enough place to submit all information as on web site.

2. Use the peculiarities of mobile devices. There are hardware features like ability to integrate the barcode scanner or send push notifications to end users.

3. Analyse user behaviour by action tracking and geolocation reports.


Combining text and media data in your mobile app or web portal.

1. Find a compromise between the content types. Do not overload user attention with text blocks, add media assets like images or video, use popular social widgets.

2. Choose the type of content for mobile applications depending on the goal. Users prefer to see rich multimedia in the entertainment mobile applications. There is up to date text information more useful for users in newsstands or news websites, photos and videos can perform supporting function.

3. Check if the multimedia content is available on mobile devices.


Analysing requirements, prototyping, working on user-friendly interface and project brand - these are the steps in news mobile app and web portal design.

1. When developing an app for your newsstand site do not try to copy the desktop-version of the site. Be creative and provide only the important information.

2. A mobile app design should be cool and intuitive. Entertain your users!

3. Consider various screen resolutions difference. Strive to develop a different design for mobile application and tablet version.


Fashionable concept of "usability" combines all of your efforts to create a harmonious and easy for usage mobile application.

1. Show the user what is clickable on the screen. It needs to be self-explained. Highlight the links, buttons and arrows.

2. Use established and usual standards for user interaction with mobile application.

3. Make sure that the elements are large enough, so the user can “hit” them.


People like to communicate in social networks. Give your users an opportunity to participate in your application life by integration with social networks.

1. Add social buttons & widgets in a mobile application.

2. Encourage users to use actively your application through its community in social networks.

3. Suggest mobile promotions that could have a potential viral effect.

We wish you successful projects!

Sincerely, Agilie team.

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