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    National Market of Mobile Application Development

    Analysts believe that the market of mobile app development in Ukraine will grow up to $ 1.8 billion by 2016. This growth is determined by the following factors:

    - Growth of the number of constant consumers

    Some years ago most of companies have realized already that mobile apps for business are great communication tool.

    - Growth of mobile consumption

    Increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets stimulates the development of modern mobile games and apps.

    - Increasing number of mobile advertising

    Business owners are interested in mobile advertising due to its efficiency and noticeability.

    - Stimulating the mobile market by the platforms owners

    Such companies as Google, Apple and Microsoft stimulate developers of local markets with various tenders where they choose the best mobile apps for their platforms.

    Despite all prospects and favorable conditions for market development there are some problems. The lack of qualified staff and high prices of mobile app development are the main obstacles for our market. However, analysts are sure in some years Ukrainian mobile development market will show not only quantitative but also qualitative growth.

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