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Modern Energy Saving Solutions

At least once a month each family looking at the bills thinks about the forgotten light in the bathroom, computer and TV set working 24/7, the oven with high power inputs, etc. And there is always a question: how to save energy and money.

Here comes a system of "smart house" which is widely used in Europe and USA. It involves the use of modern remote automatic devices, sensors of ambient light, motion sensors, etc. Due to such ways to conserve energy your bills can be reduced in mostly ten times.

Top 3 ways to save electricity at home:

1. Turn the air conditioning on only when all the windows and doors are closed, otherwise the air conditioning will cool the street or other rooms. With a proper energy management system you can control its working time via your smartphone. For example, the system can turn it on for 20 minutes every 2-3 hours. It’s enough to maintain comfortable temperature in the room.

2. Always turn the light off when leaving the room. If you suddenly forget about turning something off, you can do it right through the mobile app in your mobile phone. It will help not only to save the money but to save a family too.

3. Use household appliances rationally: purchase appliances of A, A +, A ++ class, load the washing machine according to the instructions, don’t forget to change or clean the filters of the vacuum cleaner, etc. You can download all necessary instructions into your smartphone and get acquainted with them in transport, in traffic jam or in a queue.

The technology of «smart home» controls and manages systems that are responsible for climate and light in a house. Sensors transmit the information about air temperature and humidity and these sensors instruct the heating equipment or ventilation system to turn on or off. By the way, new energy technologies (like "smart home") can maintain comfortable living conditions not only for the people living in it, but also for their favorites - flowers or pets (technologies include functions to take care of them like the auto-irrigation or feeding).

Use the energy saving solutions through mobile applications to make your home cozy and comfortable!

Have a nice day!

Sincerely, Agilie team.

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