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    Mobile TV App Development

    Television is definitely one of the most popular among all the types of mass media and it covers those segments of population that are not reached by radio, newspapers and others. So television is one of the most demanded phenomenf of the modern life and it’s incredibly popular nowadays.

    Due to its popularity people want to have access to favorite TV programs anytime and anywhere. And mobile TV app is an innovative solution of this problem. It allows you to watch TV channels and the best movies on a mobile device. Mobile TV application can work anywhere where there is fast Internet or Wi-Fi.

    Currently there are three options of receiving TV signal on the mobile device: analog receiver, DVB-H and Streaming TV.

    Analog TV

    It’s the oldest and commonly used technology. Simplicity is its main advantage: analog TV doesn’t require powerful processors, wide Internet channels and so on. However, such technology isn’t very suitable for mobile devices because of the great energy consumption and strong interferences.


    As there are no any future prospects for the analog TV any more, DVB-H standard has been developed for mobile systems. It’s the most economical of all the existing technologies of mobile TV. The receiving device is switched on only in those intervals when there is a transfer of data sets. As a result, the degree of power saving may reach up to 90%.

    Streaming TV

    The standard mobile network is used for data transfer. This means that you can watch the mobile TV anywhere. Streaming TV is supported by many phones. Such technology is very convenient for smartphone owners – it’s enough just to install the mobile TV app and enjoy watching television anywhere.

    We wish you to be aware of the latest news anytime and anywhere!

    Sincerely, Agilie team.

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