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    Mobile Solutions for Banks

    Mobile banking is a system that allows customers of a particular bank to conduct a number of financial transactions via a mobile device or tablet. Such terms as m-banking, m-payments, m-finance mean a set of applications that allows people to use their mobile phones for managing their bank accounts.

    Nowadays the banking sector is one of the most dynamically developing in the sphere of new technologies. We can’t imagine communication with a bank without various mobile apps or SMS commands. For developed countries such apps are signs of prestige, for developing world they are tools of accessibility and affordability.

    There is no universal form of m-banking: every institution develops a special product and offers a variety of financial functions. As a rule quality mobile apps for banks contain the following features:

    - Payments in a few clicks;

    - Remittances;

    - Currency exchange;

    - Blocking a credit card;

    - Viewing of bank news and offers;

    - Paying for utility services;

    - Maps with the closest ATMs and offices;

    - Access to support service.

    Mobile banking systems allow customers to make transactions through mobile devices with access to the Internet. Using remote banking services you can carry out transactions on your accounts without visiting bank branches! It’s highly profitable not only for customers, but for business owners too. Such way of interaction with clients allows bankers to reduce costs for rent, employees’ salary and so on.

    So we’re sure that mobile banking systems are one of the most promising directions of mobile market.

    Have a nice day!

    Sincerely, Agilie team.

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