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Medical Website Design And Development Trends of 2017

Sure, you know that any modern healthcare company should have a medical web resource. But today it's not enough! You'll hardly impress anybody with an outmoded boring medical website design. And it's important to impress: to attract attention, stick in the memory and keep ergonomics at the same time. It's difficult, isn't it?

Don't worry! We’re going to share our expertise on this matter with you. In fact, Internet resource success depends, inter alia, on two factors: useful high-demand features and compliance with latest website design and development trends. Want to know more? Read our article!

Medical website design tips

First of all, we want to tell you what the best medical website design should look like. We mean, what do users expect from the design of your website?

Let's figure this issue out!

medical website design and development

#1 Confidence in the medical web resource

No element of the site should irritate the visitor - neither the website design nor the presentation of information.

#2 Site Informativity

It is necessary to give patients as much useful information on the subject of their health problems as possible.

#3 Preliminary Acquaintance

The patient needs to see detailed information about the clinic and doctors on the medical website before contacting them.

#4 Easy-to-use Interface

Medical web resources are often visited by people no longer in good health, so they should effortlessly navigate in its pages. It's really important, and we'll discuss this issue in more detail later when talking about specific website design and development trends.

#5 A Mobile Website

When ordering the medical website development, provide also a mobile version of the resource, adapted for any device (iOS, Android, etc).

#6 Medical marketing

We strongly recommend that you use medical marketing tools to promote your resource. For example, advertise your medical website on social networks increasing user engagement.

What features should such a medical web resource provide your users with? Let’s see!

Features of medical website design

As already mentioned, this is the key point of a successful site. Therefore…  


#1 Full Contact Data

So, the most important thing is to make contact information as accessible and clear as possible! The patient should not spend a single extra second to find the phone number of your clinic or the addresses of your medical offices. When it comes to health, the time factor can be crucial.

#2 Location

"How to find this clinic? Where is it? And if I get lost? "- these and many other similar questions are being asked by patients, especially those who do not know the city well. Therefore, your website development must provide an interactive location map visualizing the way to your hospital.

#3 Main Services

The medical website must clearly communicate what kind of healthcare services you’re offering. Keep this in mind when thinking of the medical website design and development.

#4 Online Consultation

Visitors to the medical website (and, possibly, your future patients) should be able to consult a physician online beforehand.

#5 An Appointment With a Doctor

This feature allows your patients to make an appointment with a doctor remotely.

#6 Information About Doctors

If you want to attract a maximum of patients to your clinic, you need to give a substantial argument for choosing your hospital. And one way to do this, using medical website development, is to provide your visitors with detailed information about your doctors: their experience, achievements, awards…

#7 Success Stories

This is another way to convince people that your clinic is worthy of their attention. Describe the history of cases of successful treatment, post pictures "before" and "after". This method will give your potential patients confidence and hope.

#8 Call to Action

Be sure to take care of a clear "call to action". However, remember: the healthcare site must not use too annoying and "clamorous" marketing techniques. Medical practice website design should not impose your services on patients! The only way is to advise carefully.

#9 Blog Section

Diversify your content with interesting information on suitable subjects: news from the medical field, useful tips, description of different treatment options for a particular disease. Of course, the quality of the published materials is very important as well as their reliability and scientific character.

#10 Patient Feedback

Are your patients satisfied with your prescribed treatment? Let them advance the opinion! Positive patient feedback can convince other people with health problems that they need to pay attention to your clinic.

Naturally, we have told you only about the most important features. You can come up with your own ideas when ordering the medical website design and development. The main thing is to take into account the interests of your patients.

And while you’re pondering this issue, let's talk about another important subject, that is…

Medical website design trends

It is impossible to succeed without meeting the needs of the age. That's why you should follow the latest trends, it's the only way to create the best medical website design.

So let's see what is popular in 2017.

#1 Responsive website design

Responsive web design is the main condition of healthcare resource success. This is especially true now, in a highly competitive market, when you need to provide a visitor with a maximum of positive impressions in order to attract (and keep!) his attention and improve the user experience. So your site should be adequately displayed on any devices. A responsive medical website is working this very way! It looks great on computers with different screen resolutions and has a quality mobile version.

#2 Content-Focused Design

Perfect medical websites attract visitors not only with design but also with their content. Agree, this is not an entertaining portal, we're talking about. Your website goal is to make the process of patients' interaction with your clinic as effective as possible. Therefore, your resource should be, first of all, informative. And the task of its design is to help you highlight the main aspects of your qualitative content that may include useful healthcare tips, interesting blog articles, description of doctors’ medical practices, etc. Only in this case, you can be sure you have really cool medical website design.

#3 Laconic Design

The user interface design should be simple and convenient.

Believe us, clean medical website design is the basis of the resource effectiveness. The main reason for this is that today people prefer to use their mobile devices to view websites. And a mobile website should be laconic and appealing, it has no space for extra details.

#4 Flat Design

This medical website design trend follows from the previous ones, # 3 and # 4 (Content-Focused Design & Laconic Design). Simplicity and emphasis on content - that's what really matters! So, you need to remove all unnecessary elements and make the remaining ones as simple and flat as possible. Thanks to this, they are better perceived in small formats and don't slow down the loading of a web resource. And, of course, your site visitors can focus on your super-quality content!

#5 Easy Navigation and Search System

If a person has visited the site of a medical company, he’s probably looking for some important information. And this means that you should provide your resource with a convenient and ergonomic navigation bar. Do not force visitors to search for the information they need for too long!

One of the latest website design trends in this regard is to make the navigation bar moveable, it should be following the user, while he’s scrolling the page down (instead of having it permanently at the top of the page). This method greatly improves the user experience.

#6 Animations and Interactive Elements

The trend for the use of animation in web design has been “born” a few years ago, and it remains relevant now, in 2017. Most likely, the interactive design will extend a scope moving to more complex animation forms.

Small animated elements are very well combined with other website design trends and improve the process of user interaction with the medical web page.

#7 Background Photos and Videos

Along with the increasing role of animated elements, widescreen background photos and videos have also become one of the medical website trends of 2017. Video gives dynamics to the web resource and allows you to immerse the user in a certain history, so he can look behind the scenes of the company's internal processes.

Of course, the medical website should use this trend very carefully. Moreover, it's best to ask professional UI/UX designers for help: those who will find the golden mean and offer the right way to impress your users without risking overdoing.

medical website design development

#8 Neutral Colors

Bright colors could be a good choice sometimes, but now more natural palette is being increasingly used in medical website development. Neutral color shades cause site visitors to feel calm, increasing their confidence in the resource.

#9 Original Image Gallery

Today, a lot of medical websites are similar to each other, like twins, and the main reason for this is completely identical images galleries consisting of template pictures, downloaded from various kinds of photostocks. Therefore, one of the new website trends of 2017 is unique, professionally shot images. Show users the real doctors of your clinic or happy patients that you managed to cure. This approach will help to personalize your resource by giving it a unique character.

medical website design and development

#10 Fonts as an element of design

Fashion for minimalism, as well as the technological expansion of mobile devices, allowed the text to be an independent design element. Due to the need to optimize sites for mobile screens, fonts have become much larger, they often occupy the main part of the page, displacing other elements.

Fonts as the key elements of graphic design look good on displays of smartphones and tablets and directly deliver a message to the user. And it leads to creating really nice medical website design when nothing deflects users' attention from the information your patients should obtain.

#11 Non-standard site grid

This is one of the newest medical web design trends in web design. The fact is that site visitors are too accustomed to a clear-cut grid, so popular in 2016.

The standardized grid has stopped attracting the attention of users. The "kinked" (as though “broken”) grid forms a new aesthetics, and all new is always of interest. Even reputable healthcare companies that are worried about the corporate style will be able to use this method in a more universal format (for example, combining it with a classic grid).

medical website design development

#12 Fewer Pop-ups

This is one more trend associated with minimalism and simplicity of medical website designs. Reduce the number of pop-up windows that are so annoying to users and overload your Internet resource. Find another way to contact the patient!

#13 3D Panoramas

360 ° panoramas are a great way to demonstrate your medical office in a three-dimensional format, allowing a user to visit your clinic virtually. This produces a very favorable impression.

medical website design and development

We've listed the main website design and development trends for 2017. But do not try to use all of them, choose what fits your aim the best.

Of course, everything changes with time, so stay tuned. We promise to keep you informed, just follow our blog!

And remember: the medical website design development is a very difficult task that requires the special approach. It's not enough to know what is popular today, you should be able to use this knowledge in practice.

And if you are not confident in your abilities to create a really great medical website design, we are always here and ready to help you! We have a huge experience in website and app creation and are happy to offer our services to your needs.

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