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Live Video Streaming Solutions for Business

How to increase sales? If this question is on your agenda today, looking towards applying live streaming for business would be the right direction for you. Recently, a huge amount of entrepreneurs started using video streaming for business since it allows driving larger potential customer traffic to your online resource. Moreover, broadcasting live for business purposes helps to provide the target audience with a product’s visual demonstration. Giving the entrepreneur a possibility of narrating more about the promoted services or a solution, the enlightenment approach builds a good ground for stable sales and conversion rate increase in the future.

How live streaming for business benefits companies and sole entrepreneurs

  • When people see something with their own eyes, they trust more. So, using live streaming for business, you may shift customers’ consciousness towards your brand in the positive area, basing on the creation of urgency sense and your brand importance in their minds (you are free to give a shout out to the brand story, the way the products are manufactured, the tight meeting of strictest standards, etc. It all depends on your fancy flight!).
  • Search engines’ policy gives preferences to videos in a greater degree than to text or graphic content (video optimization is necessary).
  • The possibility to organize webinars and interactive educational courses by means of live streaming application (true if you promote services).
  • You obtain a chance to communicate with your target audience on an emotional level, which is unavailable for words. If to create the proper video, you will able to form in your customers’ mind a particular behavior model related to your product at an unconscious level. In other words, you will find the answer to the question of how to build the customer loyalty towards your brand.
  • The video format is easier to perceive, so a user keeps the attention longer and you may say more within the same time frame if compared with textual content.

How can you apply a live video streaming app for your business

The live streaming video for brand opens you a broad array of possibilities to give users information about their products. They can create:

  • reviews (behind the screen, the process of product producing, news)
  • commercials
  • Q&A sessions
  • online surveys
  • contests and giveaways
  • interview with employees
  • live event streaming
  • online training
  • live interaction with customers in real time mode.

Let’s suppose you have arrived at a decision to implement live streaming business model into your online recourse. In this case, the second question arises: how doing this?

Tips on how to successfully utilize video streaming for business

  • Insert your videos into your target audience’s favorite platform.
  • Use all possible social channels to promote your broadcasts.
  • Create viral content.
  • Release videos on a regular basis to keep the audience.
  • Get in touch with experts in live streaming for business and try to share their experience.

Picking up the right solution for live streaming is a relevant stage in creation call-to-action business model. A broad array of options available in the live streaming application market can puzzle the user easily with the correct choice complexity. However, we have conducted a deep screening of the existing live streaming application segment in the previous post and give users some valuable hints on choosing the best solution.

live video streaming app b.live

b.live - live video streaming app by Agilie

Some of the applications, such as Periscope, allow users to insert shot videos on particular platforms only (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). The Agilie Company – the b.lLive live streaming application developer – is proud to destroy this trap since:

  • Their product encourages broadcast pieces’ inserting into several platforms simultaneously. It could be YouTube, Prochan, Twitter and other portals.
  • The translation will be of the same quality in each created channel.
  • All you need to build your own effective video content infrastructure is just a camera (mobile device, shooting device, everything with video recording feature) and an access to the network.

Bridge a gap between an ordinary user and a professional broadcaster in no time. Use B.Live today, and get new customers tomorrow!

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