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Introduction to Google AngularJS

Long time has passed since Google released an open-source web application framework which is aimed to help developers in web design, whether it is a mobile friendly website or any other. There are many pros and cons of using Angular in web development, so let us have a detailed look at some attributes of AngularJS and see if it is really such a good option for using it as a FrontEnd MVC. Angular follows a very intentional pattern of being data driven. Everything is declarative from the beginning.

Its advantages are:

  1. routes
  2. two-way binding
  3. full functional MVC pattern
  4. great community
  5. Google support :)

Still there are some disadvantages that make us reconsider using Angular in some projects:

  1. it is not easy to understand (especially for traditional “old school” javascript developers)
  2. the performance is extremely fallen on big data lists
  3. there are a lot of ways to write a bad code style.

Directives are the basic building block of Angular. They form the connection between the attribute you attach to a DOM element and the JavaScript code that turns that attribute into actual functionality, again via the scope object that is scoped to a specific instance. They essentially serve as definitions for various declarations you want to use within your Angular application. They are very flexible, but fundamentally they work to embody a specific instance of data being rendered within the view. Finally, directives are created to be packaged as small modules that can be dropped in and just work.

Factories are used to maintain one single instance of something for entire application. It performs the model role in the MVC pattern.

Controllers provide a scope for us to connect data/model and a view, but they are used just for data connections and the logical restraints around them.

Angular also provides us with filters to implement transformations of the data as it moves between the model and view.

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