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    Internet of Things World 2021

    Today it is obvious that the IoT can simplify doing business and make it more effective. Unfortunately, not all companies understand new technologies, know crucial things about the implementation of IoT solutions, or are sure if they need IoT systems. The international offline conference IoT World & AI Summit Silicon Valley is the place where you can find answers to your questions and build valuable acquaintances with other entrepreneurs.

    We believe you would have a wonderful and helpful trip on November 3-4, 2021. The conference is going to last two days in San Jose McEnery Convention Center.

    Who is this conference organized for?

    The event covers different areas:

    • Supply Chain;

    • Automotive;

    • Retail

    • Smart city, public sector;

    • Manufacturing;

    • Energy and environment.

    Thus, you are able to find the area according to your interests. The biggest companies in the world are going to tell you their challenges and the ways of solution. Moreover, they will share with you the latest IoT trends and explain why the implementation of certain Internet of Things technologies is important for your business.

    Today there are many IoT systems but due to the limited resources, companies cannot launch all of them. You need to choose ones that would boost your revenue and provide sustainable growth. We hope the information received from the IoT World & AI Summit Silicon Valley conference will facilitate your choice.


    The conference has gathered the best strategists, technologists, developers, and implementers with decent experience. They tell the audience not what they heard but what they actually faced themselves.

    The main discussion topics:

    • IoT platforms;

    • 5G and Connectivity;

    • EDGE;

    • Artificial Intelligence;

    • Security;

    • Integration;

    • Hardware.

    Fifty speakers are arriving to reveal secrets and give you vital tips. To get familiar with the topics of their lectures, please, follow the link

    What will participation in the conference bring you?

    Because of quarantine restrictions, in-person meetings have become more desirable and expected. The reasons are:

    • Opportunities to meet like-minded people or those who are interested in your business;

    • To acquire information, which is unavailable on the internet. The representatives of companies encounter different challenges, and there is hardly a web resource where they are collected. Thus, if you need real work experience and the thoughts of specialists, the conference is going to be helpful;

    • To get useful contacts. How long are you sitting in your office and dreaming about the business extension? The event may be a suitable place for new acquaintances;

    • To learn how different technologies influence your work area and to understand if it is worth launching some of them.

    • To get familiar with the latest IoT trends and their influence on businesses.

    We highly recommend attending the IoT World & AI Summit Silicon Valley conference because it may be the last in-person event this and next year. It has been organized after a one-year pause. So, don’t waste time and hurry up to pack your things.

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