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    Interesting Facts About Mobile Technologies

    I think every reader has a mobile phone (90% of you – smartphones) on the table, in a bag, in your pocket, under your pillow. Such term of military and government officials as "mobilization" has become a favorite catchword of marketers and developers.

    Photographing and posting pictures on the net, games, communication in social networks, online shopping – every user is able to access any information and services around the world any time. Using smartphones is an important part of life for modern and active people.

    Do you still doubt that the future belongs to smartphones? Then the figures will be the best argument:

    1. In 2013 mobile Internet traffic has exceeded traffic of home computers. Now mobile devices have become more important and more necessary than home computers.

    2. 61% of the population tends to change their minds about the brand for the better if the brand offers the possibility of mobile access.

    3. 60% of everyone who buys goods via mobile phone use smartphones while they are in regular stores and supermarkets.

    4. 94% of smartphone owners are looking for the nearest cafes, gyms, cinemas, hotels with their mobile phone.

    5. 25% of all emails in the world are browsed through mobile phones, and another 10% of users browse them using tablets.

    6. Mobile search today processes a quarter of all search requests in the world.

    7. 70% of people who are looking for information on a mobile device make a purchase in the nearest future.

    8. Users of tablet devices spend on purchases 50% of money more than PC users.

    As for the future of mobile technologies, most experts believe that in 2015 the size of the market of mobile software will increase to 89 billion downloads. It’s expected that the share of payments via mobile phones will grow up to 50% of the total number by 2020. If your brand or a startup doesn’t have a mobile app, it seems it's time to develop it!

    Sincerely, Agilie team.

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