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Insurance Apps and Website Design

Mobile technologies greatly influence our life. Mobile app is a good tool to manage health with tasks, reminders, alerts etc. Moreover, mobile apps not only take care of your health, but help you in troublesome situations. A lot of insurance companies develop special insurance apps which make cooperation with customers more convenient and innovative. Modern and intuitive application allows users to use the services of insurance online, as well as to receive information about the company's services, promotions and locations.

For insurance companies development of mobile apps & insurance website design is a good opportunity to increase the loyalty of existing customers and to attract new clients. In this article we want to emphasize the main facilities of mobile insurance apps.

  • Payments

An access to policies for users and ability to make payments online.

  • Various insurance policies

Browsing various insurance policies after answering a series of questions to find out user’s preferences.

  • Proof of insurance

Proof of insurance right from user’s smartphone to simplify customer interaction.

  • Reminders

Sending reminders about policy renewals and provision of clear guidance for customers.

  • Claims

Report of claims through the app.

  • Accident Help

Connection with emergency services from the place of an accident.

  • Contacts

Searching for the nearest office or service center.

The potential of IT insurance and mobile application market is really huge. In some years each company will be obliged to have a quality mobile application not to become the market outsiders. Today requirements for mobile apps for IOS and Android become more and more high. In other words, the application should be not only comfortable and functional, but also bring esthetic pleasure to user. Icons of mobile apps that the user sees on the screen of the device are the face of your company.

By implementing mobile technologies for your mobile insurance company you will achieve two goals at once. Firstly, you receive effective tool that in many cases will replace customer’s personal visit to the office, thus will save his time and effort. Secondly, you get one more interactive remote channel available for customers anytime and anywhere.

Remember, when you sell insurance service you make a promise to your customers to deliver the best level of service to ensure protection of their lives and important things!

We wish you successful projects!

Sincerely, Agilie team.

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