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How Much Does a Web Application Cost?

If you want to order the web app development, you are probably wondering how much it will cost. As you can understand from our previous blog post  s, it is difficult to determine the exact and fixed price. But we are ready to provide enough information so that you can calculate the cost and draw up your budget. You'll find all the details in our blog post.

Advantages of web applications

Before proceeding to the cost issue, let's take a look at the main advantage of web apps. This information will help you make the right choice when deciding what kind of site is worth ordering.

A web application is a website that hosts pages with partially or completely unformed content. The final content is being generated only after the site visitor has requested a page from the web server. One of the advantages of this approach is the fact that there is no dependence on a particular user's operating system.

Web apps allow you to collect, store and analyze data received from site visitors who in turn are able to quickly and easily search for the desired information an online resource that includes extensive and diverse content.

It remains to find out how much such a web application costs.

how much does a web application cost

What does the cost of web application development depend on?

The price of your web project depends on several factors. After determining each of them, you can calculate the cost you need.

#1. Complexity Level

Of course, this is the most determinant factor in the cost of your web application. What do you want to have in the end? What functionality do you need? Answering these and other similar questions, you can get an idea of the price range.

#2. Nature of business

Strangely enough, this factor also affects the price issue. The more specific your business niche, the more difficult it is for specialists to figure it out. So, they will spend more time on the web development, which will lead to an increase in the cost of your project.

#3. Urgency

If you are limited in time and set strict deadlines, expect the increased app development cost ещщ.

#4. Web development company

To create a web app, you will need the help of the following experts:

Find a team which employs all the listed specialists, as each of them plays his significant part in the successful implementation of your project.

Below, you'll find more details on how to choose the right app developers.

#5. The ad campaign for launching the app

This is another inevitable source of costs. The advertising campaign at launching the app will help you to recoup your expenses and attract potential customers really quickly.

#6.  Support

Keep in mind that app developing is just the beginning of your journey. In the future, you will need a support team able to monitor the activity of your web project. Consider this factor when planning your budget.

how much does a web application cost

Stages of creating a web application.

Now it’s time to consider the basic steps of the web application development.

#1. Formulating the idea

Your intention to create a web app means that you already have the Idea of your future web product. Now you should formulate it clearly: what exactly do you expect to get as a result of cooperation with web app developers? Maybe you want to supplement your shop with its web version? Or you’re willing to advertise your services through a landing page? Think about it! Understanding your needs will help you pass the following steps of the strategy more successfully.

#2. Research

The task of this stage is to analyze the supply and demand. You should make a web app that will be both interesting to the consumer and able to overtake your potential competitors’ similar resources. And for this, it is important to conduct a survey (that is, a desk research). You can hire the professional company or limit yourself to your own means.

#3. List of requirements

After analyzing the information gathered by this moment, make a list of requirements for the future web app.

#4. Discussing the issue with the development team, forming up the requirement specification

Presumably, you have already found a suitable application development company. Now it’s time to tell developers about your wishes and make up a list of necessary app features with their help.

#5. Prototyping

At this stage, a prototype is being created and wireframes are being built. Due to this step, you'll have a clear understanding of how the finished product will look like.

#6. Design

We, the people, are visuals, and we subconsciously have a preference for those things that seem more attractive to us. This also applies to the web application development. Therefore, the interface design should be appealing, user-friendly and modern. Keep this in mind when looking for UI/UX designers.

#7. Web app development process

When it comes to web apps, the development process includes the frontend and backend programming stages.

Backend development means programming a website and filling it with functionality, and Frontend development involves working to create a public part of a site that a user directly interact with.

web app development cost

#8. Testing

This is an important stage that many clients want to neglect from their ignorance. And this dangerous desire can lead to the fact that your web app will work incorrectly.

Of course, you are unlikely to be able to conduct all the required tests on your own. That's when you need professional help from QA engineers! Being tops in their field, they can ensure that your web service is working just the way you're expecting.

#9. Launching the app

Launching the project properly is the task as difficult and important as the one that relates to the intention to build a web application of the highest quality. You will need the assistance of all experts you've hired so that your app could successfully break into the market.

Web application development cost estimation

So, most web projects (about 80% of web apps) can be conditionally divided into the following 4 categories:

  1. Simple web apps which are sites with basic functionality, simple landing pages, elementary Internet shops… Minimum content, minimum interactive elements! It takes up to 1 month to implement such a project, and the app development cost varies between $ 3-17K in this case.
  2. Pro level. These are much more interesting, professionally designed web projects with interactive pages and a lot of information. Among such web applications, there are e-commerce sites of medium complexity, prototypes for future multi-functional Internet portals, web representation of small businesses, etc. These projects will cost about $17-55K, their development requires up to 3 months.
  3. Complex projects. These are custom web applications of a high level of complexity, with an exclusive СMS and thoughtful UI/UX design. They're aimed to be bringing their owners a stable profit and help them automate their company's business processes. The development costs are $55-250K (up to 6 months of work).
  4. Corporations. These web applications are ordered by large corporations and promising startups with a good outset. In this case, clients are ready to pay over $250K and spend more than six months to build a web app.

web app development cost

But this is a very rough estimate, of course. To form a final opinion on the development cost and potential incomes, let's try to draw general conclusions.

How much does it cost to make a web app?

When calculating the cost of your project, it is important to monitor your expenses and income opportunities. The main goal is to reduce the first point and increase the second one. Let's figure out how to achieve this aim.

Cost reduction:

#1. Find the best option of app developers.

If you want to make a web app, you will need qualified assistance. But remember, different app development companies have different rates, and a higher cost does not always lead to the higher quality. Much depends on the company reputation and name, on its experience in the market, but the location also plays an important part.

For example, the US web app developers have very high queries - their rate is about $150-250/hour. Experts from Western Europe are more moderate in desires and ask for $80-150/hour. However, this price is still highly overrated, and if you have an average (or even smaller) budget, a reasonable option is outsourcing, that is, cooperation with web specialists from Eastern Europe, Middle East or South America. You will significantly save: the rate of these development teams is only $30-80/hour. By the way, we advise you to pay attention to professionals from Ukraine: offering relatively low prices (usually not more than $ 50 / hour), they are very experienced in the IT area, and their web projects have clean and understandable code (you cannot say the same about programmers from India, for example).

Do you want to get more information on how to choose an expert from Ukraine? Read one of our blog posts!

how much does a web application cost

#2. A clear requirement specification and documented development process.

We strongly recommend that you create a detailed requirement specification and document each stage of the development process. Specify all the deadlines and maximize the various options for the succession of events. So you will protect yourself from unforeseen situations (and consequently, unplanned expenditures).

#3. MVP model

The MVP model is a great idea for those whose budget does not allow to implement a complex and multifunctional web application (at least, at first). In this case, it is reasonable to offer users a product with the minimal functionality. Later, when the project begins to pay off, you can gradually complicate your web service. Moreover, this approach gives you another undeniable advantage: you can find out the consumer's opinion about what features he would like to see in your app and act on the basis of clear prerequisites.

Typically, the cost of the MVP model ranges between 50-200K (depending on the list of requirements and the rate of the app development company).

Increase in income:

We have talked about how you can cut down your expenses during your web app developing. Now we will discuss the ways to increase your future incomes.

So, you should…

  • analyze your business strategy

Carefully analyze your potential client and main competitors. Make sure that you have taken every detail into account. Web development is the same business as any other one, it also requires order, control, and planning.

  • provide advertising support

We have already mentioned this issue, but it is better to place emphasis on the important aspects of your strategy. And this is just the case.

Allocate money for advertising and promoting your application. It's the only way to make your dreams about a profitable web app come true.

Our advantages

Our Agilie team offers services in the individual web applications development including the implementation of a variety of business requests and the creation of sophisticated analysis algorithms. We develop projects of any level of complexity: CRM for business, payment and management systems, corporate portals, etc... At the same time, our rate is quite moderate, and we always accept compromises.

We will build for you a web app with a flexible scalable architecture that allows to quickly modify it taking into account the emerging tasks. And, of course, we can ensure any level of data protection and encryption (depending on the final requirements).

Ready to cooperate?

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