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    Common types of mobile friendly websites

    Some years ago mobile internet on the phone has been considered an unnecessary feature, and the most of Internet users were using desktop computers. Now it is left in the past and it is safe to say that it is time for the mobile internet.

    Since the start of 2014 when the most of Internet users were choosing mobile access to the world net, it became obvious that in order to make a website effective and attended, an owner has to make it handy and readable both for smartphones/tablets and big screens – not only PCs but TV-screens with a Smart TV option. Moreover, website optimization for mobile devices becomes a competitive advantage in some business sectors.

    In order to help you to decide which type of a site you need and to make it mobile friendly let us have a look at different types of mobile friendly websites & choose the best for you:

    Responsive site – a webpage (URL, HTML, images, etc) remains the same only CSS sets different rules depending on the width of a browser.

    Separate mobile site is a website separated from the main one and is focused on smartphones/tablet users. Normally it redirecs mobile users to a special subdomain.

    Adaptive website – it is the most progressive way of creating a website, as its peculiarity is making pages that will be the same readable on devices of any size. Adaptive web design is cheaper for website owners and easier for developers as there is no need to create several website versions for various devices, which would be very ineffective.

    Our team creates mobile friendly websites using the solution of adaptive web design in order to bring users and site owners the best experience and high efficiency.

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