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    Automotive Apps and Mobile Car Service

    Smartphones are changing our lives: the way we think, the way we work, the way we spend our leisure-time and even the way we use cars and drive. Mobile apps market development gives us an opportunity to enjoy automotive android apps and mobile car service which help us to choose a car, diagnose breakdown, monitor fuel consumption and so on.

    A lot of automobile sales centers & car shops develop auto dealer apps to provide their clients with modern and convenient service.

    In this article we would like to discuss the main points that will make your auto dealer app really attractive, convenient & useful for customers.

    Data about locations & contacts of all dealer’s and service centers.

    First of all, your app is your promo channel. So it should contain the main information about your company, all contacts of all your sales and service centers.

    Quick access to all new arrivals and discounts.

    The best way to inform your customers about new discounts and events is to place the information about it in your mobile application!

    User’s location determination and route planning to the nearest service centre, petrol station, car wash etc.

    Make your automotive apps a good helper for your clients. Ensure that your customers will have enough necessary information due to your app. Care for clients is the best way to increase their loyalty.

    Online consultation of service centre (accident, breakdown and so on).

    Provide customers with really useful service. Users of your mobile car service app will appreciate your assistance in such difficult situations such as an accident or a breakdown.

    Implement mobile technologies and get such benefits:

    • - Improvement of successful and modern company image due to provision of modern service to the clients.
    • - Increasing loyalty of regular customers, and more possibilities of attracting new ones.
    • - Static advertising.
    • - Collection of information about consumers’ preferences.

    And Agilie team will help you to realize all your ideas and to provide customers with modern service!

    Sincerely, Agilie team.

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