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    Apple Watch App Development

    According to Tim Cook, Apple Watch is the most personal device ever made by Apple, and we have to admit he is right. As nothing can be more personalized that a gadget that is worn on a wrist and can be additionally set up according to a user's needs and wishes. Besides that, the smart watch gives new ways of interaction that were not possible or demanded on an iPhone. The key task of the Apple Watch is to be useful, discreet and laconic, as they are meant to be used on the go.

    Apple Watch runs on watchOS. It is the operaing system developed especially for this device. It is based on iOS and supports applications that are based on Apple WatchKit. Apple company shares a set of all the necessary instruments for making new apps or updating existing ones with developers.

    There are different opinions among developers of such applications. On the one hand, it is a brand-new device and it creates new tasks and opens up new possibilities for new types of apps. On the other hand, it is a well-known fact that iOS is quite a reserved system and it has some limitations, which touched Apple watchOS as well. As a result, it may narrow possibilities for developers.

    Anyway, more and more companies update their iOS apps and adapt them for Apple watch. Apple Watch apps development becomes more demanded in different sectors of business. Our Agilie team has also started developing apps for watchOS, and recently we have finished working on our Apple Watch application Shot Bucket. It is a Dribbble client that is now available for users in their Apple Watches.

    Please visit Services page on our website in order to find out more about Apple watch apps development at Agilie.

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