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    AI Summit New York

    Nowadays Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a buzzword. Not everyone understands what opportunities this technology opens and how to use it. However, AI has entered our life: it is already an essential part of popular software. Furthermore, some vendors imbed separate AI chips in smartphones and laptops.

    AI Summit New York: date and location of the biggest AI conference

    Artificial Intelligence has become one of the most demanded features in different systems. The coming conference is going to reveal to you the AI’s importance, capabilities, and popular use cases.

    AI Summit will be held on the 8-9th of October 2021 in New York, Javits Center. Its organizers have managed to unite the best speakers from Fortune 1,000 companies. They are going to share with you their real experience and conclusions.   

    The information about Artificial Intelligence is scattered across different web resources, so you need to collect it bit by bit. Unfortunately, gathering data can be hampered by the specifics of your market. Summit in New York is a place where you’ll get useful information: the event totally focuses on the impact of Artificial Intelligence in business. Please, follow the link to find out if this conference might be helpful for your company (you'll have a chance to see all topics and speakers):

    Here's a couple of reasons to visit the event in question:

    • Exclusive content;

    • Only a real experience:

    • Accent on different markets and use cases;

    • Reviewing current and expected trends;

    • Speakers from global companies;

    • Opportunity to make new acquaintances.

    Among the speakers, there are more than 150 representatives from PepsiCo, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Walmart, Procter & Gamble, BNY Mellon, and so forth. The presentations are followed by Q&A sessions, so you are able to ask a question and get a competent answer.

    What if you can’t visit the conference

    There are no similar events in the world anymore. We recommend that you hurry up with booking your conference pass. It will allow you to interact with industry peers and engage in strategic conversations on how to prepare for an AI-powered future.

    You can also join the online broadcast. Just sign up for the live stream using the link:

    Benefits of implementing Artificial Intelligence

    Don’t you know why your business needs Artificial Intelligence? Well, there are a few reasons:

    • Prompt response. One of the obligate things in some businesses is an instant analysis of incoming information and response to it. A good example is stock trading. AI is able to adapt to new conditions on the market and make some forecasts.

    • Marketing strategy development. Artificial Intelligence is a helper for specialists in marketing because it can examine previous sales and predict the future ones, study customers’ and competitors’ behavior, track the situation on the market.

    • Human factor. Even experts sometimes make wrong decisions while AI doesn’t. The computer doesn’t have emotions and bad days, all decisions are based on gathered information.

    • Fighting fraud. Thanks to analyzing clients’ behavior, AI sees suspicious activity. It is especially important in the banking sector.

    • Increasing revenue. Artificial Intelligence is able to review the pricing taking into account production costs. On average, it increases revenue by 5%.

    It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have: Artificial Intelligence is being implemented in most sectors of the economy today. We hope AI Summit in New York will be helpful and open the door to new opportunities.

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