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    AGMobileGiftInterface. Our new open-source library

    In daily practice, we as developers are used to sharing our experiences in order to greatly facilitate and speed up mutual work. Everyone contributes, including Agilie team. This time we're going to offer you our new library called AGMobileGiftInterface and created for our own needs, rather for fun. But we're quite sure that you can make use of it too.

    Happy to share!

    What is AGMobileGiftInterface?

    AGMobileGiftInterface is a lightweight open-source and fast networking library that provides an easier and expressive way to interact with the GIF images. It helps you perform your task in a simple manner with as little lines of code as possible.

    This library can be seamlessly integrated into your project and used in every-day development practice.

    How and when can you use AGMobileGiftInterface?

    When it comes to working with GIF images, this library makes every developer’s life much easier. So feel free to use AGMobileGiftInterface if your aim is to show animated moving pics when a pre-specified action performed. You don't need to write the whole logic, just take full advantage of the code below.

    Further, let us describe a few possible examples of using the library AGMobileGiftInterface:

    • Reaction to a logical event. This is the case when the GIF image appears as a response to some event which could be for example achieving a certain level in a game. In this case, a player should be congratulated by the bright and interesting animated moving picture;
    • Splash Screen. Greet your users with colorful animated image created with the help of our library. Beautiful splash screens always attract users attention and gain their loyalty;
    • Loading screen. It's another reason to use AGMobileGiftInterface. Waiting until the application is loaded can be boring, so it would not be superfluous to brighten up the loading process with the impressive and spectacular GIF image;
    • Animated greetings. This library could come in handy for creating animated felicitations and all kinds of greetings. You can create an interesting animated congratulation and show it on a certain date (New Year, Christmas, etc).


    Our Easter greeting

    So why did we decide to create this library in the very beginning? The fact is that we had been working on Easter greeting program designed to congratulate a user on this bright holiday. In the process of development, we’ve written this library which can be useful to you too now.

    Our Easter program is quite simple. There are three funny GIF images in the reserve: Ladybird, Rabbit, Fox. A moving picture can be played to a user; after it has happened, the controller managing closes it.

    In addition, our program provides an opportunity to show your own animated picture: it's enough to add the image to the project and provide GIF’s path to the library.

    Simply, spectacular, useful! And it is our library being the basis of the code.

    The advantages of the AGMobileGiftInterface:

    Library AGMobileGiftInterface is useful because it...

    • can be easily integrated into your project;
    • offers versions for both popular platforms (IOS, Android);
    • can supplement almost any application with a nice splash or loading screen.

    Code example

    To see just how easy it is to use AGMobileGiftInterface, check out the code example below:

    @IBAction func showFox(_ sender: Any) {
  : "fox")
    @IBAction func showRabbit(_ sender: Any) {
  : "rabbit")
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