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Agilie’s Football Team Becomes the Absolute Champions of the Dnipro Football IT League Autumn Season 2016

Last weekend was truly rich with happy events for Agilie! While our CEO, Sergey Gladun, was nominated and won the third prize as a CEO of the Year on the Outsource People conference, our football team became the absolute champions by achieving the top position in the Dnipro Football IT League and winning the League Cup!

Dnipro Football IT League is the regional football/soccer championship where teams from local IT companies compete for fun and to prove they’re good not only in software development and modern technologies. The League features playing seasons a year: one takes place in Spring, the other is in Autumn. Last weekend’s games concluded the Autumn season 2016.

IT League Cup

On Saturday, November 5th, the Agilie team played the final Cup game, having defeated our colleagues from Playtika. A quick goal on the first minutes of the game brought confidence in our guys, which helped them to score five more goals and finish the game with the score of 6:0.

On the next day, November 6th, our team played the season’s last game in the IT League Championship. This game wasn’t a decisive one for our team - we have ensured our championship about a game ago. But it was decisive for our rivals, Noosphere - they had to struggle for the second position in the table. They almost did it: after the half-time Agilie was losing 1:0. But our guys managed to overcome and scored two goals in the second half of the game, winning with the score of 1:2.

Another big thing to celebrate about the season’s finale is the becoming of our bombardier, Eugene Kovalenko, the top goalscorer both in the Championship (14 goals after 7 games) and in the Cup (7 goals after 4 games, two of which were scored in the final).

Agilie had won the Cup before - during the Autumn season 2015. And it’s also noteworthy that this year was Agilie’s debut in the Championship after ascending from the lower league, the First Division. And the guys aren’t going to stop on that!

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