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Agilie at CMOCS 2016

On November 1-3, Dnipro State Chemical Technology University of Ukraine hosted the second all-Ukrainian scientific and technical conference on Computer Modeling and Optimization of Complex Systems (CMOCS). 

The conference was devoted to the topics of mathematical modeling, neural networks, intelligent computer systems, data processing, and other informational technologies and how they can be utilized in chemical technology, engineering, and economics.

In this event, Agilie took the roles of both of a backer and a contributor. Four of our web and iOS developers wrote articles based on their research works for the university’s annual scientific digest.

Web developers Dmitry Derevyagin and Sergey Melashich had their talks on the conference and presented their researches. Dmitry spoke about the building and optimization of custom high-load server systems based on the experience of the development and support of one of Agilie’s projects, a mobile taxi booking service Shark Taxi. Sergey shared an extensive research on applying neural networks and machine learning in the gas-turbine engines design, which is based on his current work as a PhD candidate in a research institute.

Agilie at cmocs

Agilie's Dmitry Derevyagin speaking at CMOCS 2016

Our iOS developer, Gennady Knizhnik, wrote about the peculiarities of using CASE (computer-aided software engineering) for building client-server applications. Agilie’s iOS development team lead, Vladimir Zgonik, has contributed an article where he shared our team’s experience in Apple Watch app development.

Among speakers and guests at CMOCS 2016 were professors, technical science and engineering  PhDs, and students from universities of Ukraine and Poland, as well as specialists from a number of research institutes and technology companies.

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