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    9 Features Every E-commmerce Website Should Care About

    More and more new online-shops appear on the Internet — some of them are brand new and the others come online from shopping centers and streets. Each of them do their best to look different and attract clients. Let us remind the key features that every website should contain in order to be effective for any type of e-commerce.

    1. Responsive Design

    Internet users aren't stuck to their PCs any more, they are using the widest variety of mobile devices to stay in touch 24/7 from any place around the world. In order to increase your site audience you should consider the RWD of your site — in such a way it would be accessible for more potential clients. Besides that Google search has changed its algorithm recently and now responsive websites are given preference when downloaded on mobile devices.

    2. Mobile Application

    A mobile app enables your clients to look at goods and information in an easy and quick way — by simply touching a screen and picking any item they would like to see. Availability of a mobile application 24/7 makes it even more effective tool in e-commerce.

    3. Visually Appealing Template

    Nothing can increase sales through your site more than its perfect design. The more attractive it is, the more it influences the sales conversion. A color scheme of a site should also be corresponding to your type of a business. By making a user-friendly appealing site you will greatly attract more clients.

    4. Secure Payment System

    online-shops on the InternetBefore making a purchase a client needs to be sure in payments security. Keeping in mind that account data might be stolen while paying online many people avoid doing that. In order to prove it is safe you should integrate a reliable payment system into your site and to make it quick and easy to use.

    5. SEO Tools

    online-shops seoIt's a proven fact that search engines are essential for every internet user, so if you want to build traffic and raise sales accordingly your site has to be search engine optimized. Check it thoroughly paying attention to such characteristics as keywords, filling the pages with compelling information and others.

    6. Cash on Delivery Option

    online-shops deliveryMost customers find it safer to pay by cash. Moreover, they prefer to do it after a purchase is handed and it does not have any defects and entirely corresponds to the order. That is why it is important to integrate a COD option into your site in order to please the clients.

    7. Client Feedback

    online-shops feedbackWord-of-mouth is a great marketing tool which effectiveness is based on other people's opinion about goods or services. It definitely may become a deciding factor for a client for buying something or quitting the site. So don't be too shy and display your positive customer feedback to make it more trustworthy and persuade more users to make a purchase on the site.

    8. Image Zoom & 360 Degree View

    online-shops InternetA visitor will have a desire to buy an item on your site only after its thorough viewing from all the sides and angles, and it would be even better to watch a high quality video. Let your clients look at the products more clearly and closely and they'll be more eager to make a purchase.

    9. Product View Statistics

    online-shopWho would buy a product without knowing its rate? Probably no one. Customers tend to buy goods with more views. If you don't have such option on your site yet, it is high time to correct this mistake.

    Follow these simple but essential clues and your site will become a competitive online tool. And if needed, Agilie team is always ready to help you to create the best user-friendly website or mobile application for your company according to all wishes and peculiarities of your business.

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