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    5 Reasons Why Your Pharmacy Needs an App: Pharmacy App Development

    Surely, everyone who frequents drugstores faces a number of problems: long waiting lines, tedious search for the right medicine, high prices... However, these negative factors should worry not only shoppers but also pharmacies' owners. In the end, all we've listed is ruining your company image and pushing away your potential customers. And even if your pharmacy is utterly and favorably different from competitors, you still must find a way to report your benefits and prove that your drug-store chain is worthy of people's attention. You need a really powerful marketing tool that will help you gain the trust of customers and tide over difficulties we've pointed. Of course, we are talking about pharmacy application development.

    Read our article to find out all the details.

    Why does your pharmacy need a mobile application development

    Today, consumers are very choosy and used to getting everything they want here, now, and, ideally, online! The modern level of the mobile industry has inured them to the constant comfort. So if you want to succeed you should provide them with availability they're expecting. And again, this brings us back to the question of the necessity of having a mobile app.

    pharmacy app development

    By the way, app development is beneficial not only to consumers but also to business owners! And your pharmaceutical company is not an exception.

    As you’ll soon discover, a mobile application is quite effective if you want to attract customers, collect online orders and get immediate feedback. In addition, online pharmacy allows you to accumulate, personalize and analyze data about the behavior and preferences of customers. Speaking of the marketing department, these experts should use the data received to build a system of relevant drug recommendations based on the history of purchases, learn customer feedback, and continuously improve the quality of service.

    So, if you want to...

    • become a market leader,
    • attract new customers,
    • increase your earnings,

    ...then, of course, you definitely need to order the pharmacy app development! Still not convinced? Okay, let's discuss your benefits in more detail.

    The benefits of having a mobile app in pharmacy.

    There are many benefits of having the pharmacy online, and we’d like to name the main of them.

    #1. The effective marketing tool

    You’re getting a marketing tool that allows you to contact your customers directly. Receiving first-hand information about their needs, you can respond in a timely manner avoiding a lot of pitfalls. In fact, all other benefits logically follow from this main one.

    #2. High competitiveness

    There is a great number of pharmaceutical companies, and each one strives to win the shoppers' attention. The pharmacy apps for patients are just another way to achieve the desired goal. Forward-looking chain retail pharmacies have already taken such a step, and if you're not among them so far, it's time to change the situation. Don't be among the hindmost!

    #3. Customer loyalty

    As we have written, the opportunity to interact with your customers is a huge advantage. You don't just satisfy their desires, you become closer and clearer to them, you are always "at hand." Polite and unobtrusive reminders of your pharmacy app, discount, and promotional offers: all these and many other simple actions will help you win and strengthen customer loyalty.

    #4. A strong brand

    Pharmacy apps can also be used to create a recognizable pharmacy brand: with its own character, pronounced positioning and personalized design expressed through the interface.

    #5. Continuous improvement

    Having provided your mobile app with a special analytic feature, you may study the user's reaction and behavior in order to build an effective development strategy. It means you'll be able to offer your customers exactly what they really need and correct inevitable mistakes in time.

    development app pharmacy

    Of course, the list of benefits can be expanded and supplemented with other ones. In fact, there are far more reasons to take advantage of the pharmacy application development. But, hopefully, we have already convinced you of such an urgent need. Now it's high time you thought of what features your mobile app should have in order to interest the maximum number of consumers and get them to download it.

    Does your hospital have no web site? Then you should create it! Read our article to find out why.

    Pharmacy app features

    After analyzing the needs of pharmacy customers and building possible scenarios for the interaction between a user and mobile application, we have identified the following important features. Make sure to take them into account when thinking of the app development:

    • A detailed catalog of goods with the possibility to make an order. Such a helpful feature allows a user to study the assortment and prices independently and in comfortable conditions; a customer can fill his virtual "basket" with medicines he needs without losing time in waiting lines.
    • Personal user accounts. A very important feature that offers users a lot of possibilities including tracking orders and viewing their history. In addition, if the desired product is not available, the customer, again, monitors the supply of fresh medicines through the personal cabinet of the pharmacy drug app.
    • The base of medicines. This is an excellent opportunity to make your products look good by describing each medicine and providing its picture. And, of course, the user’ll appreciate the possibility to compare different drugs (their effectiveness, price range, etc.).
    • Online chat. The online feature allows users of mobile apps to contact representatives of your pharmacy directly and ask questions they are interested in.
    • Feedback about the product or the pharmacy itself. Instead of attempts to find a request book, a client expresses his desires or shares problems with just a few clicks by using a pharmacy drug app. Customers may complain about the level of service in a particular pharmacy or the quality of goods and ask possible questions regarding the operation of the mobile application.
    • Request for medicine. If a certain drug is not available in your assortment, provide users with the possibility to send a special request.
    • Connection with social media. This is a really good feature which can be especially helpful to promote the mobile app.
    • Analytics. We have already mentioned the analytics feature. Its main role is to help you analyze user behavior and, if necessary, adjust your business strategy.
    • A virtual discount card. A digital analog of a plastic loyalty card is always at hand so that a discount can be obtained at any pharmacy after showing the smartphone screen at the checkout.
    • Location. The feature includes an interactive map with automatic determination of pharmacy location (it would come in handy if you need to plan your route).
    • Product information obtained by scanning the barcode on the phone's camera. Thanks to this feature, the pharmacy shopper does not need to enter the name of the drug manually. He can check the barcode placed on the package with his phone's camera and wait for the mobile app to recognize it and provide all the information.
    Professional medical app development services are what we offer you. Wanna know the details? Follow the link!

    Pharmacy app user retention

    If you managed to convince a consumer to download your pharmacy app, it's only half the battle. And now your task is to prevent the user from deleting it.

    We’ll give a few pieces of simple but effective advice:

    • User-friendly interface (below, we’ll explain how your app interface should look like)
    • Compatibility with different platforms. You need to have pharmacy apps for Android and iOS, because you never know which devices your customers prefer.
    • Push Notifications. It’d be a great way to remind of your mobile app from time to time and increase user engagement. The main thing is not to be obtrusive and offer regular customers something able to interest them (say, report on promotions and discounts). Having learned about the current promotional offers, a shopper’ll plan his purchases by taking into account actual discounts and saving the budget, which means he’ll be grateful to you. And a grateful customer is equivalent to a loyal one.
    • Always new. Users love updates, so offer them new interesting features (or improve old ones).

    pharmacy app

    Pharmacy app development stages

    We've discussed in detail the benefits of building mobile apps, talked about the most important features of the online pharmacy, and shared with you our secrets that may help attract and keep your users. It remains to discuss the last important topic, namely, the pharmacy app development process.

    It includes the following stages:

    1. Task assignment. Awareness of what exactly you want to receive as a final product.
    2. Market analysis. At the 2nd stage, market research and analysis of supply and demand are being conducted. You need to identify your main competitors and find out what the consumer expects.
    3. Requirements and functionality. Now it's time to make a list of the features your pharmacy drug app. You may use the list we've offered or choose your own functionality based on the data of the market research you’ve conducted.
    4. Prototyping. When future product features are defined, we create an interactive app prototype which shows how users’ll see the mobile application and interact with it.
    5. Pharmacy app design. The mobile application should be visually coordinated with the stylistics of the communications of your chain pharmacy system (your website, advertising banners, the exterior of a drugstore). Besides, the professional designer takes into account the principles prescribed in guides for iOS (iOS HIG) and Android (Google Material Design). It helps users navigate the pharmacy app for Android and iOS without any difficulties.
    6. Coding. This is the most responsible stage. You should bring in experienced IOS / Android developers who will write clean code using the latest IT technologies.
    7. Testing. The purpose of the next stage is to guarantee the error-free operation of the pharmacy app. Only a qualified team QA can perform all necessary testing processes.
    8. The product launch and support. It's not enough to create a pharmacy app for patients. You need to launch your online pharmacy properly and support its successful life afterward.

    online pharmacy

    As you see, the pharmacy app development requires a highly qualified approach. You are unlikely to cope with the difficulties you may face on your own. The best way is to hire an experienced team which knows all the details of such an uneasy process.

    Contact us if you want to be sure of your mobile application effectiveness. We have a lot of experience in the app development, and this is the best guarantee that you’ll get a stable pharmacy app that has a predictable visual response and works exactly as your users expect.

    Ready to start a fruitful collaboration? We promise you to bring any app idea to life at the highest level and as quickly as possible!


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