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5 predictions in web design for 2016-2017

The year 2015 has almost come to an end and there were no any noteworthy changes in a web design industry this year. Moving forward we will review some key predictions in web design for the next couple of years. This might seem awkward or unnecessary, yet such changes take some time in order to get into the industry and become trends.

Here are some predictions of web design trends in 2016-2017:

1. Originality is back: Currently one of the main problems of web design companies is the extreme lack of individuality, as various websites resemble each other because of the similar design despite some slight differences in color palette. However, web designers predict that next years we will experience originality as a set of custom drawn elements combined with some animations. A lack of JS, CSS3 и HTML5 libraries also encourages originality.

2. Flat design evolution: After the start of Android 5.0 and iOS 7/8 flat design has got a lot of attention and its launch. Android has made its contribution to the flat design through its material design and going beyond mobile. A concept of a card, using white space, directions, shadows and movement perfectly reflect multilayered approach to the 2D/3D design. Looking forward we see that white space will pay an important role in web design.

3. Less content: There is a high possibility that in some years websites with a single home page will become popular. Such pages will contain several call-out areas with obvious aims, for instance, registration, picking a tour, or an offer of buying some goods. Initially they will be filed with the minimum of interactive information. After the start of the process it will be possible to add mini-applications in order to achieve the aim. Clicking on the registration button it will turn it into the registration wizard, or directly in the area or with the location change.

4. Decrease of page height: this one sounds more like a hope of web designing experts. Currently more and more web designers prefer vertical scrolling and less clicking. However, web design experts choose vertical scrolling only for small blocks of information or for producing animations, but they do not recommend using it for the whole site.

5. Attention to typography: Now that there are much more opportunities and attention to typography designers and developers are not limited with Arial and Comic Sans any more. Experts claim that more attention will be devoted to fonts and their sizes. This process has already started and we can notice it on some web sites, but it still has to cover the majority of websites.

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