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    5 Benefits a Mobile Taxi and Ridesharing App Can Bring to Your Business

    As we suggested in our previous article, Uber’s apparent domination of the global taxi booking and ridesharing apps market can also be a catalyst for the rise of such kind of apps on local markets. Apps like Lyft, Ola, Grab and others got their own considerable market share, and Shark Taxi, the app we developed and now are supporting at Agilie felt the rise of popularity even after UberX had launched in our country.

    In this article, we’ll make an overview of the benefits taxi booking and ridesharing mobile apps can bring to your business.

    1. Automate and boost the speed of your services

    A mobile app allows you to streamline the booking process and remove the dispatcher from your service’s workflow. For passengers, this will make easier to book a car since they won’t need to waste time on dispatcher calls (or stand in the street looking for a cab). Drivers, in their turn, will answer the call faster, since the app will do all logistics and process the order in seconds.

    how does a taxi app work

    A taxi booking process as it works in the Shark Taxi app

    Mapping technologies like Google Maps allow passengers to be up to date on their car’s location both while they wait and when they’re on the move. Both passengers and drivers will be able to find the addresses they need faster and choose the quickest route to the destination point.

    2. Get a larger user base of retaining passengers and drivers

    For hundreds of millions of people, mobile apps have become a regular part of life. Extending your services to mobile gives you access to a wide audience of such people. Using a mobile booking app, passengers will be able to make orders in few taps and drivers won’t have the need to roam about in search of clients. 

    To keep the app users engaged, you only need to implement functionalities that will encourage passengers to use your services and offer drivers the conditions that will persuade them to partner with your business.

    3. Retain users by offering unique features

    These are some of the features a mobile app can add to your service.

    Ride reviews feature will help build trust between passengers and drivers, encouraging the former to use your service and the latter - to provide their services better. Also, gathering instant feedback will show you the way to improve your business.

    An in-app possibility for drivers and passengers to connect with each other via calls and messages will help to reduce to minimum delays and miscommunication issues.

    Providing passengers with access to their booking history and favorite routes will make it easier for them to make recurring bookings and boost your service delivery in a way not accessible for traditional dispatcher-led services.

    An effective way to retain users of any booking app is loyalty programs. In the case of a ridesharing app, you should think out a loyalty program not only for the passengers but for the drivers as well. This may require additional spending and is not a must-have feature at the launch, but you may consider it in the future.
    The full feature scope of your app, of course, must be refined according to your business goals and budget. Either way, there is a lot of new possibilities worth considering.

    ios and android taxi app development

    Shark Taxi app by Agilie

    4. Offer different payment options

    Everybody is talking about the convenience of mobile payment systems. However, not all taxi services, drivers, and passengers welcome this new technology. This means you should consider the needs of the target audience on your market and adjust the payment options in your app according to those needs in order to reach the widest audience.

    It’s quite possible that your customers would like to use all popular payment options including online payments, plastic cards, and cash. Luckily, mobile payment technologies allow you to include all these options in one app.

    5. Partner with other taxi services and drivers

    You don’t have to run a car fleet in order to launch a taxi booking app. You can offer your mobile solution for the traditional taxi services that exist in a certain area, and who don’t have one yet. Or you can make a ridesharing app partnering with freelance drivers with private cars. In this case, your concern is only maintaining the app’s client-side and databases on the server.

    Traditional taxi services are now becoming overshadowed by peer-to-peer ridesharing and taxi booking mobile apps like Uber and its biggest competitors. A logical solution in this situation is using the same tools to win your own share of audience developing a mobile app that will expand your services.

    Want to know more about taxi app development and technologies that fuel such apps? Contact us - we’ll be happy to share our knowledge.

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