We are native monsters

    We are native monsters

    Agilie is the team of enthusiasts and tech-savvy specialists who are passionate about developing and delivering digital solutions.

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    On the 10th of April, 2010, a team of web and mobile developers, under the leadership of Sergey Gladun, launched the first servers. Talented, inspired, full of caffeine and ideas people have gathered together to develop awesome mobile and web products. This was the day when Agilie company went online. Now our state, with more than 60 qualified experts continues to grow, and we can be proud of dozens of successful projects.

    Why “Agilie”? The word “Agilie” is our little author neologism. It comes from the English word “agile”, meaning “flexible” and, in turn, goes back to the Latin “agō” (to go, to move forward). This new name reflects the company's character and demonstrates the flexibility and adaptability of our products and the team itself, ready to undertake projects of any complexity and to grow professionally in various directions.

    Ukraine developer company

    Ukrainian development company

    Agilie is the team of talented professionals from Ukraine. Our philosophy is to build top digital products that will leverage possibilities of the client’s business.

    Our goals

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      Delivering innovative solutions:
      With our technical expertise and creative mindset we integrate innovative ideas and develop polished products for every platform.
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      Saving client’s time:
      Agilie team ensures that all deadlines will be met and all projects be delivered on time.
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      Saving client’s money:
      Our team notifies client upfront about the cost of software product and suggests ways to keep prices low, while maintaining the quality.

    Join our GitHub

    All our past and current open-source projects are available on Agilie GitHub account.

    Company of soulmate

    Company of soulmates

    Every morning our squad comes to work with a common mission - develop beautiful and smart products. We are a team of thinkers and creators.

    We research, design, and code for your product's success. At Agilie we create experience and care about our customers. Our team develops, promotes, and supports products development services. From planning to execution, we design and develop mobile iOS and Android apps as well as interactive and mobile-friendly websites. We have successfully built 200+ high quality software products and we continue to deliver projects of any type and complexity.


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      Web Guru

    Customer Reviews

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    Got an idea

    With our full package of services - Web Design, Application Development, and Graphic Design we will turn it into reality. We let our clients focus on their own business goals, while Agilie team will take care of cool mobile apps and web development.

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    Agilie company has created a team of talented and enthusiastic people who are interested to do their work. In turn, we sincerely care about our team members and offer them the most comfortable working environment, ideal for personal and professional growth. Agilie employees have the opportunity to continually improve their qualification levels and hone expert skills. In addition, we are willing to share the accumulated knowledge and experience, while arranging various internships and offerings.

    Agilie IT School

    Increase result

    In 2016 we’ve launched Agilie IT School - an educational platform aimed at sharing our expertise with those who want to become IT specialists in short time. We’re using every chance to search for talented people able to develop the Ukrainian IT industry and genuinely concerned for our common cause.

    Save time

    Agilie IT School offers the opportunity to gain knowledge in front-end development, mobile app development, and project management. These courses are a great possibility for those who want to start career in IT as well as acquire new skills and improve current position. Our highly-qualified lecturers share their practical experience with working on real-life projects as well as explain the nuances of interaction with customers and team leaders.

    Dnipro Soccer Champions

    Apart from providing expert web and app solutions, Agilie soccer team is the winner of the Dnipro Soccer IT League. Our team of developers regularly participates in amateur soccer tournaments. As the result, our office is proudly filled with winner cups.

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    If you share passion for newest technologies and interested in long-term opportunities - we’d like to hear from you!

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